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Our vision is for every child in Williamsburg County will have the resources needed to be prepared for success in school.


Collaborating with other entities, Williamsburg County First Steps helps families and caregivers in our county prepare children for school success by maximizing public and private community resources to deliver, enhance and expand high-quality early childhood services.


  • Children (prenatal development through age five): Our focus and priority are young children and their families and caregivers.
  • Relationships: We cultivate positive, supportive, and respectful relationships while reinforcing interactions between people that shape development, build community, increase success and productivity, foster learning and growth, and affirm the unique values of individuals, caregivers, parents and children.
  • Equity: We ensure all persons have the opportunity and resources to be successful and that all voices are solicited and heard.
  • High quality: We ensure that our programs and services are culturally-responsive, inclusive, and developmentally-appropriate and are delivered with fidelity to the model being implemented. Our products, services, and operations are marked by excellence.
  • Results: We produce meaningful and measurable impact and outcomes for all programs as measured by our goals for success.